2015 Caledon March for Meals

Community Leaders Support Caledon Meals on Wheels during National March for Meals on March 11th 2015

Bolton, ON, March 11, 2015-Local community leaders in the Town of Caledon and Orangeville will deliver meals to show their support for Caledon Meals on Wheels (CMOW) during National March for Meals, March 11, 2015. The North American initiative put on by local Meals on Wheels agencies helps raise awareness of nutrition and the need for local action. It also celebrates the invaluable services provided by local agencies and serves to recruit new volunteers from the community and increase fundraising from local businesses and supporters.

This is a great opportunity for the leaders in our community to experience firsthand the importance and impact of our programs and services. The experience is invaluable and we hope it will help us raise awareness and reach out to more individuals, both those in need of our programs and services and those who would like to volunteer or sponsor us,” said CMOW, Executive Director, Christine Sevigny.

The meal program has been operating for 30 years in Caledon and Orangeville but that’s not the only program offered by CMOW. They also offer a variety of other programs and services, such as Health and Wellness programs (W.I.S.E.), Friendly Visitors, TeleChat and Security Checks, suited to keep seniors healthy, mobile and independent for as long as possible.

“Our society has changed, it’s harder to care for our elderly parents and family members on our own. Our programs and services help make caring for our extended family a little easier and they help bring dignity and independence back into people’s lives. As our population ages, the programs and services our agency provides will be vital to keeping our community strong and active-something that community leaders can help us increase awareness of.” said Mrs. Sevigny.

Community Leaders that will be taking part in this year’s campaign include federal MP, David Tilson; provincial MPP Sylvia Jones; Town of Caledon’s Mayor, Allan Thompson and Councillors Annette Groves and Jennifer Innis; and Town of Orangeville’s Councillors Gail Campbell, Don Kidd and Sylvia Bradley.

Shannon Turnbull of The Mortgage Centre is the lead sponsor of the 2015 Caledon March for Meals. Shannon is looking forward to giving back to the community she has been living in for 14 years.

CMOW is excited to welcome Erin Woodley as our celebrity volunteer. Erin proudly represented Canada at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games and took home the Silver medal for synchronized swimming. Orangeville’s 101.5 FM radio personalities Tommy West and Gail James will be on hand with their 101.5 FM Cruiser to deliver meals.

Several other volunteers and corporate supporters will be joining us to celebrate and deliver meals, see full list below.

Local florists have generously donated two beautiful flower arrangements as prizes and will be drawn and delivered to a lucky Caledon and Orangeville resident with their meal.

The Community Leaders will be picking up their meals at 11:00 a.m. at the Vera M. Davis Community Centre, in Bolton, and in Orangeville at the Lord Dufferin Centre and will be heading out with a CMOW volunteer to deliver meals to approximately 110 clients that week.

Currently, CMOW services over 700 people in the Caledon and Orangeville area. CMOW volunteers spend over 6000 hours per year driving and delivering meals, visiting and supporting seniors in their homes, checking in on seniors to making sure they are safe and helping CMOW run programs that promote physical and mental health.

For further information, please contact:

Christine Gnass

Community Relations Manager

Caledon Meals on Wheels



About Caledon Meals on Wheels (CMOW)

Established in 1984, Caledon Meals on Wheels, is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit agency that provides meals services and social programs to residents living in the Town of Caledon and Orangeville area. Services and programs offered by Caledon Meals on Wheels include; hot and frozen meal delivery, social wellness programs, volunteer visiting and telechats, and security checks.

With the support of our nutritional program and support services clients can live independently in their homes and remain in their communities.

For more information, visit: cmow.org

March for Meals Community Leaders Week Facts

Total meals delivered throughout Caledon and Orangeville: 415

Total meals delivered by each Leader: approximately 7 – 10 meals

Total volunteers that delivered meals that week: 57 (including special guest volunteers)

Total number of volunteers throughout Caledon and Orangeville: 140

Delivery Schedule/Photo Opportunities

Wednesday March 11: Mayor Allan Thompson, Councillors Annette Groves and Jennifer Innis, Shannon Turnbull (The Mortgage Centre), Vera Robinson & Candice Plibersek (The Naked Vine), Brenda Alderdice representing the Palgrave Rotary Club, Marco Cesarone ( Zehrs store in Bolton) in Caledon

Wednesday March 11: Councillors Gail Campbell, Sylvia Bradley and Don Kidd, Erin Woodley, Representatives from Woolwich Dairy in Orangeville, Tommy West and Gail James (Orangeville’s

FM101.5) in Orangeville.

Friday March 13: Hon. Sylvia Jones in Orangeville

Date to be determined

: Hon. David Tilson, Bob Fines ( Fines Ford), Scott Wilson

( Orangeville Councillor), Doug Beffort (Caledon Councillor) and Dave Forfar (Caledon Fire Chief)


Bolton: Vera M. Davis Centre, 80 Allan Drive, Bolton
Orangeville: Lord Dufferin Centre, 32 First Street, Orangeville


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