Best Wishes- We’ll Miss You Brian!

“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend”

Like Calvin and Hobbs or Dick Whittington and his cat, the new adventures of life are always easier when taken on with a trusted friend. Such is the case for Brian & Mr. Linus.Recently, the Snelgrove Seniors and Caledon Meals on Wheels celebrated weekly program member Brian, as he and his cat ‘Mr Linus’ prepare to take on new horizons and adventures in this next chapter of life, as they relocate to a brand new residence.
In hearing about Brian’s generosity of spirit to help with the attendance taking each week at the social wellness program, I just had to interview this wonderful man.What a treat it was when I heard the hint of that old familiar Yorkshire accent peeking through the lilts of his West Country and Canadian tones.
Brian came to Canada in 1953, settling in the A section of Bramalea with his family in 1962. It was evident within moments of speaking with him that Brian is a “right good sort”, as we often say in the North of England, and I was chuffed to bits to speak with him. Brian’s 86th year may imply that he is in the winter of his days but all that I heard in his voice was a vibrant spirit who clearly has many more adventures to explore in his lifetime.

Brian is modest about his own life and I had to coax his story out of him. However, he was proud and eager to be able to publically share the praise that he has for CMOW’s program facilitator Lee Doering and the positive impact that he has witnessed around him because of the joy, learning, fitness and comradery that Lee has brought to the Snelgrove program residents. Brian has enjoyed the CMOW program which has embraced and encouraged such a wide variety of unique characters to come together as a family of friends. He noted that this was possible because of the sincere care, patience and leadership of Lee. “She is really special!”

When Lee speaks of Brian it is clear that the feeling is mutual! His 40 years of service with the Brampton Soccer Club and as a district registrar with PHS, was evident in his organizational skills, when taking the weekly attendance for her. She said that without Brian’s help, she would have been lost at times. Brian’s gift to be focused and methodical also proved to be advantageous in his years of precision instrument making for the likes of British Airways.

Inducting Brian into the Brampton Soccer Hall of Fame honored his forty years of volunteer service to his community. When asked if there is a sentence that speakd to his life, he quoted something that was written on his R.A.F. service report. “He is a trifle slow at times, but can be always relied upon to do a good job.” After speaking with Brian, I would choose to rephrase this to read, “He is focused, methodical, and never fails to fully complete the job with reliable proficiency”. Yes “A Right Good Sort Indeed”, I would say.

Thank you Brian for all that you have given back to Caledon Meals on Wheels program with your selfless service, and desire to help others with a smile. Please return when you can visit us and tell us of the new adventures that you have found and friends that you have made. You will be missed each week but never forgotten.

To support our W.I.S.E programs, please call our office at 905-584-2992. Story written by Lynn Wood.


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