CMOW Blog- Volunteer Shares Her Experience

Volunteer Shares Her Experience

Today’s blog is written by Liz Rudnik, Owner of Your Prime Concierge, Caledon resident and guest volunteer at Caledon Meals on Wheels.

This past December, I had the privilege to partake in a day of volunteering at Caledon Meals on Wheels. We met around 11 am, and I was quickly matched up with a seasoned volunteer named Maureen who volunteers every week. Two Redheads together in one vehicle? Uh-oh, this was shaping up to lead to some trouble……

As we carried the meals with us to the car, Maureen explained that we were to visit 5 families that day. Well, I was looking forward to the day and was ready to go, although not quite sure of what to expect.

Our first stop was at the home of an elderly man, who happened to be visiting with his daughter, son and grandkids that day. We dropped two fresh meals off for him, plus a frozen dinner to be used for a ’snow day’ when the volunteers cannot make it out.

As we drove to the next house, Maureen told me about her fondness of the seniors who she visits on her route, and how you come to know them and love them, but most of all how she misses them once they are no longer there.

Our next home was an elderly couple. The lady of the house told us how she appreciated the meals, as she had fallen and hurt her back and was bed ridden. I could tell many more details about my day volunteering with Meals on Wheels, but the one thing I saw and learned was that the people are so happy with the meals. They look forward to seeing that volunteer coming by and getting to know them. They love to tell us about their day, and about how their families are doing too.
Meeting them lifted my spirits it was the best day for me.

That day I travelled for two hours from home to home and by the time we left the last home, I was actually feeling sad that my day was over so quickly.

It also made me realize why I started Your Prime Concierge Services (www.yourprimeconcierge.com) and began offering elder care services …….. Helping families with their elderly parents, sitting and visiting, and just talking with someone and giving them a hand massage to relieve the arthritis. But the main thing is that they have company and someone to tell a story to.

Meals on Wheels is a fantastic organization, and the volunteers are wonderful! Doing whatever it takes to get someone a meal, and some small talk for no extra charge. It was a fantastic day.


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