Honoring Those Who Inspire You

Honoring Those Who Inspire You

“What does a photograph of a horse in a barn have to do with Caledon Meals on Wheels?” This is what George and Bonnie Ledson asked us when we approached them to be featured in our Spring Newsletter.
We wanted a unique eye catching photo that would not only draw readers to the article, but also one that would be respectful and relevant to George and Bonnie. Where better than at their beautiful Caledon home with one of George’s beloved horses?
Thru their generous spirit they consciously chose to ‘step up to the plate’ in support of Caledon Meals on Wheels. CMOW is a valued service in our community as it provides goods and services for those in need. Caledon Meals on Wheels is grateful for the continued support from the Ledson family. They, along with their family based company, Cavalier Transportation in Bolton, have long been supporters of CMOW. George and Bonnie have both served on the CMOW Board and have donated a week of meals at Christmas for many years in addition to their other donations to the program. As a result of the Ledson’s and Cavalier Transportation’s generosity, many individuals in the community have been shown dignity and honor thru CMOW’s meals and services.

George and Bonnie were sincerely humbled, hesitating at first at our request to feature their contributions to the Caledon community. They wanted to make it very clear there are many deserving residents and business owners who also step up to the plate in service of others. When George and Bonnie were asked if there was anyone in particular in their family or circle of friends they would like to honor, many worthy people came to mind. However, George felt he would like to honor his father, a humble, hard-working gentleman who taught him that it was thru hard-work and good choices that you are able to make your way. George Sr. bestowed on the younger George a great sense of responsibility, duty and appreciation of the land. It is thru his quiet strength and encouragement George feels he is the man he is today. It is the memory of his father’s admirable character that inspires the Ledsons to do whatever they are able, whenever and wherever, to help to nourish a stronger, healthier community.

Honor someone who inspired you with a donation to CMOW on his or her behalf. You will be helping to support neighbors who may be struggling thru serious illness, injury or aging.


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