Thank You for Volunteering

“Volunteers a very important to us”

Here’s the impact you’ve had in our clients’ lives:

  • Our clients and everyone at CMOW would like to thank you for all your hard work!
  • I appreciate the volunteers that come to my apartment. They always take the time to ask me how I am and tell me that I am looking well after my surgery. One time one of them drove me to see my husband at the nursing home when the weather was bad.He passed away but I never forgot that woman’s kindness. Thank you.
  • Thank you to all the volunteers. It is a great pleasure to see you each day.
  • I truly appreciate your dedication and effort. The lunch you bring and your company is always enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • The volunteers are very kind and I enjoy their visit and conversation whenever they come.
  • I’d like to thank each and every one of the people who bring my meals every week.  I think they’re terrific! No matter what it’s like outside, they have a smile and always ask me how I am… I think we are very lucky to have them.  Thanks to Meals on Wheels and everyone there, you’re great!
  • Your wonderful volunteers have been delivering delicious meals on wheels to my home. I am a stroke victim unable to do much like prepare a meal for myself. Your drivers are angels from heaven that brighten my day.  Each time they bring me a meal, they always have a smile on their face and offer to open my meal if I wish.
  • Having delivered Meals on Wheels for many years I am now on the receiving end and I look forward each day to that gentle knock and that friendly voice saying…”Hi, it’s Meals on Wheels.”
  • To the wonderful Meals on Wheels volunteers, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the visit which enhances the tasty meal that I don’t have to cook or shop for! It makes getting old a whole lot easier. My hat is off to all of you for your dedication and goodwill.
  • All of your drivers deserve a celebration dinner for their kindness and generosity. I have enjoyed a life as a volunteer for several years prior to my stroke. God bless all of you!
  • I appreciate and look forward to the warm greetings I receive each Tuesday and Thursday from the volunteers that deliver my Meals on Wheels. Many of these volunteers have become good friends that I cherish.
  • These volunteers, from many walks of life in our community, have become a special part of my life and I enjoy their visits. Yes, I say visits because they take the time to chat and listen to me while they unpack my lunch. I have been blessed to have acquired so many of these friends over the years that I have received Meals on Wheels. THANK YOU for everything.
  • I would like to personally thank you for the excellent compassionate service you are providing for me.  It has helped me immensely, not being able to cook. I have enjoyed your meals for the past year. I have been healthier and happier because of this.


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