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Gift Card Survivor 2021


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Welcome to Caledon Meals on Wheels Gift Card Survivor!
To participate in this fun and interactive elimination draw, you will need to purchase a $25 entry ticket, which covers the cost of a gift card. This will give you one life, but you can buy an additional 10 lives for $10 each for a total of 11 chances to win. If you would like to buy more than this, you will need to purchase another entry ticket (this will need to be done as a separate transaction).You will be asked to provide a nickname for our online spreadsheet at checkout. This is to keep your personal information confidential to other players. All lives are put into a draw, and names will be eliminated based on the schedule below. To buy tickets, please visit our Gift Card Survivor 2021 event page.
Congratulations to our winners!
Thank you to everyone who purchased lives in our first ever Gift Card Survivor Fundraiser!
A great big thank you also goes to all of our generous supporters who donated gift cards for the event!
The much anticipated survivors left standing on the island were revealed!

1st Place: NSH29 won $1185 worth of gift cards
2nd Place: Jim F. won $340 worth of gift cards
3rd Place: Nancy Y. won $165 worth of gift cards
4th Place: Laird won 2 collectable teddy bears

Thank you to our supporters! Click here to see the amazing companies that are supporting Caledon Meals on Wheels during our event.


The prize pool is dependent on the amount of people who purchase tickets. For example, if we get to 100 entry tickets purchased, the prize pool will be $2500 worth of gift cards. Watch for our running tally of how big the prizes pool gets!! The gift cards will be awarded to the 3 individuals who are left after all of the elimination draws.
As of June 1, 2021, the prize pool is $1425!

  • First Place: 70% of the total gift cards
  • Second Place: 20% of the total gift cards
  • Third Place: 10% of the total gift cards


Please ensure you read the Gift Card Survivor Rules of Play. It will let you know if you are eligible to purchase tickets for the elimination draw. If you have any questions or concerns about the Rules of Play, please contact us at info@cmow.org.


Below is the schedule for the 19 draws to be done over the month of June. These elimination draws will be done on our Facebook live at Caledon Meals on Wheels | Facebook.

June 2 5:00 PM

June 3 4:00 PM

June 4 2:00 PM

June 7 4:00 PM

June 8 2:00 PM

June 9 4:00 PM

June 10 4:00 PM

June 11 2:00 PM

June 14 2:00 PM

June 15 2:00 PM

June 16 4:00 PM

June 17 4:00 PM

June 18 2:00 PM

June 21 2:00 PM

June 22 2:00 PM

June 23 4:00 PM

June 24 4:00 PM

June 25 2:00 PM

June 28 5:00 PM


To see how many lives you currently have, visit our Gift Card Survivor Lives Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be fully updated with all purchasers lives by Monday May 31st, 2021 at 4pm. It will also be updated live as the elimination draws are occurring.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@cmow.org.

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