Meal Services

We’ve been Delivering Nutritious Meals to our Clients for Over 30 Years


We Deliver Hot, Frozen, and Fresh Meals

Hot meals are prepared fresh daily and can be ordered 1 to 3 times a week on a long-term or temporary basis. Please call us to register at (905) 857-7651.

Frozen meals are delivered biweekly throughout the Caledon community. 

Grocery Essentials Pack are delivered weekly throughout the Caledon and Orangeville community. 

Please Note: Meals On Wheels (Caledon) is not to be a client’s sole source of nutrition.
Meals On Wheels (Caledon) services may be cancelled due to weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances affecting deliveries. Clients must keep additional food in their homes in the case of cancelled deliveries.

Who Qualifies for Meals?

Individuals who are over 65 years of age and/or have difficulty in providing for their own nutritional needs due to;

  • a physical, cognitive or mental health disability
  • long-term or short-term illness or injury


Security Checks

The Security Check program offers clients an increased sense of security and support through a visit provided by a volunteer during their hot or frozen meal delivery.   When clients do not answer their door or their phone, a call is made to their emergency contact that is provided upon registration to the program.

If meal delivery is not ordered, Tele-Check services can be arranged and are provided by Spectra Community Services** (for Caledon) and Torchlight Community Services (for Dufferin County*)


Other Healthful Links

The government of Ontario’s Eat Right Ontario website contains a wealth of information for those wanting to learn more about proper nutrition for all ages. 



Do I need a referral to get meals?

No, we serve meals to anyone who is in need of temporary or long-term support accessing nutritious meals.

Are meals just for seniors?

No, we offer the service to anyone in need of temporary or long-term support accessing nutritious meals. For example:
Persons living with a disability or chronic illness
Recovery from surgery
Caregiver coping with a family illness

Are the meals free?

No, there is a fee for the service. There is a subsidy available for the Meals programs for those unable to pay the full cost of the meals. Please contact us at (905) 857-7651 for more details.

Why are my meals so inexpensive?

Our hot and frozen meals are subsidized by our funders.

For Hot Meals, can I choose my meals from a menu?

No, but you can tell us what you don’t like and we’ll make sure that you get an alternate option.

How many meals are made each year?

Over 21,000 meals were delivered to clients in the Caledon and Orangeville area in 2019/2020.

How many people do you serve meals?

We served 300 clients throughout Caledon and Orangeville in 2019/2020.


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