Privacy Policy

Caledon Meals on Wheels (CMOW) is obligated to protect the confidentiality of all our clients, staff and volunteers.

This policy is reflected of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPA) and the Personal Health Information Privacy Act (PHIPA) which governs the way personal health information may be collected, used and disclosed. All staff, volunteers (including students), board members, and contracted agents prior to commencing their duties must sign a written agreement to maintain confidentiality.

At times CMOW may assume it has clients’ implied consent to collect, use, and disclose personal health information for the purposes of providing or assisting in providing health care, unless the client has expressly withheld or withdrawn his or her consent. CMOW may share client information within the client’s circle of care (i.e. referring agency/ person or community services actively involved in the ongoing provision of health services to the client) unless the client instructs CMOW not to do so.

Where there is a clear and imminent danger that is life threatening or could result in serious bodily harm to an individual limited confidential information may be disclosed.

Any complaint or inquiry will be directed to the Privacy Officer (or designate) who will respond within 1 business day. If a there has been a possible confidentiality breach CMOW Privacy Breach Management Protocol will be followed in addition to the CMOW complaints process.

For further information please contact the Caledon Meals on Wheels Privacy Officer at 905.857.7651.